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Recently, I forced my brother into doing a “Brother does my Makeup Tag”, a video that will never see the light of day. But one thing that my brother deduced after the entire ordeal was — makeup is so vague. I do not know if it was because I was not able to explain it well or what, but he was not convinced. And that made me think about it. He is not wrong, at least not entirely. Am I not the same still? Even I question why a product is being used the way it is, and half the time it does not perform exactly the way it claims to. Again, I am not entirely sure if it is me, or the product. Pretty sure it is me, but that means there must be others like me too. Right?

People’s perception of beauty has changed a lot over the years and keeps on changing even today. Nonetheless, makeup has been a part of almost all cultures for a very long time now, and has gone through an evolution — from being seen as a sign of wealth and affluence in some regions, to being associated with prostitution and acting; makeup sure has come a long way.

Beauty and makeup to me is art. Anyone who disagrees… well it is your opinion — so you do you. I have always had a love-hate relationship with makeup. Ever since I was 5 years old, I have been performing on stage. Having learnt Bharatnatyam (a classical Indian dance form) at a young age, put me under the spotlight, where I was required to put on a lot of dark, bold makeup fitting for stage performances. Wearing such bold makeup throughout my school years, and then some, made me dislike putting on makeup altogether. I liked how it made me look, but at the same time, it always seemed like too much work. It still does to be completely honest. And so even after I stopped performing and had no more reason to put makeup on, my love-hate relationship with it still continued.

Over the years, I have watched a number of beauty and skincare videos online, and they are addictive. No jokes. I have spent hours binging on different bronzer reviews, and I still don’t understand the concept of a bronzer. How is it any different from a contour? I certainly do not have an answer for that. And pretty much the same goes for any skincare. In the past few months, I have been dealing with a lot of breakouts on my face. So I have been trying to figure out a routine — which is not so much of a routine but more like a random whim every now and then — that my skin agrees with.

Like in any Indian family, home remedies are a big thing in my household too. And the torchbearer for the same is my grandmother. Whenever we use tomatoes, she will save the skins of the said tomatoes and rub the remaining pulp onto her face for a clearer and glowing skin. She even has a face pack that she herself made of all the organic things ground together, like dried roses, orange peels, gram flour and so many other ingredients that I never bothered to recall. I was once told, that if my grandma, my mum and I are together in one place, my grandma has the most life and charm on her face while I look like a sagging doll.

So, like any other “sensible” person I did the most logical thing — completely disregarded my mum telling me to follow some of those home remedy hacks for my face and jumped to the internet to find a better (really?) and admittedly, more expensive solution. Though I could not find any remedy as such, I did find a list of more products that I could buy to help with my acne. Now, I am not coming at any beauty/skincare guru out there, as I admire what they do. Mostly because I could never, for the life of me, understand why we need a serum in our daily skincare routine, or at all.

But now that my interest in the field has been sparked, I have this urge to buy all the products and try them out for myself. I have always had the theoretical knowledge (thanks to the makeup videos I had binged on so much), that it feels like it is my time to put it all to practice. Which is where I learn that beauty is no cheap deal, honey! Just owning the basic makeup kit that I do — where I bought some of the products and stole the others from my mum’s vanity — put a major dent in my pocket.

I have also realised that men are very particular about their skincare routine. Do not be ignorant and believe otherwise, people. In my house only, I’ve seen my father put on face masks before any party or wedding function he has to attend. Even I do not do that — probably the cause of my breakouts. Whereas, my brother has stolen my mum’s moisturizer because it has been doing good for his once in two days washed face.

So in conclusion, skincare and makeup have become an integral part of our daily lives, no matter if we accept it outright or not. People are testing various makeup and skincare hacks, and so am I. It is a complete disaster some days, and some days I look decent enough to be clicked, but not enough to be shared with the world. But, I am getting better. Not for anyone else to approve of or acknowledge, but because this is something that I have always been on the fence about, and wish to explore more.

I will be here to share any progress that I make in looking like a human after painting my face in various colours. Till then, I am going to continue my research (videos and blogs are my holy grail), to help me understand what I am slathering on my face and why. And also, I might just give my grandma’s face pack a try. Just saying.

By: The Lazy Soul

A 25-year-old girl trying to navigate life between all the lazy spells.!